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Squad Organisation and Schedule 2015/2016

The new Squad Organisation and proposed schedule are now available under the Club Information menu.

Opportunity for Pre-Season Training in UL

Swim Ireland are hosting a Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching in the University of Limerick

Level 1 Coaching 10th to the 14th of August

Level 2 Coaching 10th to the 21st of August(Except the 15th&16th of August)

They are looking for swimmers to attend the practical sessions of the course, this is an excellent opportunity to get in some pre-season training before heading back into your club training environment

If you are interested further information is available here

Swim Ireland Waterfest 2015

Date: 9th August 2015
Location: Coosan Point, Athlone
750m/Swim for a Mile/5K & 10K National Championships

Mid summer and the water is slowly getting wamer. Change up your swimming with some Open Water swimming and try Swim Ireland’s WaterFest. In a fortnight’s time, Sunday 9th August, we will be running ‘WaterFest’ in Coosan Point, Athlone. WaterFest will see us host the inaugural Swim For A Mile Open Water Event as well as a 750m open water swim. The events will run on the same day as the National 5km and 10km Open Water Championships.

You can check out the event information at the following link

The day will run as follows:

· 750m Open Water Swim (event begins at 2pm)
Swim for a Mile (1500m) (event begins at 2pm)

· 5K National Championships (event begins at 11am)

· 10K National Championship (event begins at 11am)

Swim For A Mile Team