Askeaton 56th Annual Invitation Gala – Nov 16th

Gala takes place on Sunday November 16th 2014 starting 10.00 A.M. sharp (warm ups may be earlier)

Names will be taken from swimmers who are participating at pool from tomorrow night on – all entries need to be in by Friday 7th with the Nenagh Recorder.


                  Session 1                                                       Session 2

  1. Boys 200m Front crawl                             11. Boys  200m I.M.
  1. Girls 200m Front crawl                             12. Girls 200m I.M.
  1. Boys 100m Backstroke                              13. Boys  50m Butterfly
  1. Girls 100m Backstroke                              14. Girls 50m Butterfly
  1. Boys 50m Breaststroke                               15. Boys 100m Breaststroke
  1. Girls 50m Breaststroke                               16. Girls 100m Breaststroke
  1. Boys 100m I.M.                                            17. Boys 50m Backstroke
  1. Girls 100m I.M.                                           18. Girls 50m Backstroke
  1. Boys 100m  Butterfly                                   19. Boys 100m Front crawl
  1. Girls 100m Butterfly                                   20. Girls 100m Front crawl

Qualifying Times